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Scarce Modern Gold at Kuenker 151

Great Modern Gold Featured at Kuenker 151

dahomey gold.jpg

Modern world gold coins are featured in the March 11-12, 2009 Kuenker Auction 151 and several, like this 25,000 Francs of Dahomey KM#9, are seldom available on the market. The sharp eyed collector of modern gold coins will find many rare opportunites in this sale, including a scarce gold 200 Riyals of Sharjah, a set of 1, 1/2 and 1/4 Golde's of Sierre Leone, a scarce Burundi 100 Francs of 1965, a 1976 Kazimierz Pulaski 500 Zloty of Poland and many other seldom encountered modern gold coins.

Also in Auction 151 are many desireable gold issues of the 19th Century, including a wonderful Una and the Lion 1839 5 Pounds of Great Britain, a scarce Vittorio Emanuele II Italian 100 Lire of 1878, a scarce Costa Rica 4 Escudos of 1837 and a nice array of smaller gold issues from Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Monaco and Liechtenstein at reasonable estimates for bidders of more moderate budgets.

Other scarce items in the sale include a rare Oliver Cromwell 1656 Broad, a Besancon Pistole of 1595, a scarce 1647H Double Louis d'Or, a sharp Swedish Dukat of 1683, a very high grade 1/2 Louis d'Or de Noailles struck at the Paris mint in 1717 and many early German States gold issues.

Also offered are large selections of both United States and Austrian gold coins from various time periods.