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Reagan leads in 2016 totals


Ronald Reagan led the 2016 Presidential mintage totals with 13.02 million pieces, while Gerald Ford followed with 10.5 million and Richard Nixon with 9.88 million.

The final year of the Presidential dollar series saw increases in the mintages honoring individual Presidents, but because there were only three Presidents honored, overall 2016 mintage declined from 2015.

The Ronald Reagan dollar topped the figures with 5.88 million from Denver and 7.14 million from Philadelphia for a combined total of 13.02 million coins.

Gerald Ford’s effigy is on 5.04 million Denver coins and 5.46 million Philadelphia pieces for a combined 10.5 million.

Richard Nixon followed with 4.34 million Denver and 5.46 million Philadelphia coins for a combined 9.88 million.

Overall 33.32 million dollars were struck in 2016 compared to 40.33 million in 2015 and 35.14 million in 2014.

Lyndon Johnson had the highest mintage in 2015 at a combined 12.04 million while Warren G. Harding topped the 2014 numbers with a combined 9.94 million.

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