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Rare coins on verge of joining bullion rally

Are investors quietly taking advantage of current coin prices? The thin available supply of many issues appears to be increasingly sensitive to virtually any increase in demand. Values have remained stagnant for several years, but the recent increases in the price of precious metals appears to be encouraging a return to a collectible coins bull market.


While we aren’t in a coin bull market yet, consider that gold is finally trading at more than $1,340 an ounce. Silver is over $17 an ounce. Platinum has risen to more than $1,000 an ounce once. Palladium is selling for more than $1,100. None of these metal price movements has grabbed any headlines, but each appears to be making a positive impact on intrinsic valued or influenced coins.

The laggard is actually the scarce to rare coins, many of which continue to decline in value. There are still very strong areas within the scarce to rare market segment. What is strong are particularly specialized numismatic areas including early large cents, Capped Bust half dollars and early 19th century gold.

While interest in Morgan silver dollars has been a constant for many years, there are significant bargains to be had at the moment. Knowing Morgan dollar buyers, these bargains won’t last.

With equity markets at an all-time high, the question of a future recession now looms, but that seems far off in the distance. Instead, coins may be on the verge of joining the rally. Will you be part of it?

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