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Quarter output jumps 38 percent

The Mint closed its fiscal year in September by ramping up circulating coin production by almost 13 percent from the month of August.


Output stood at 1,316,220,000. During the first nine months of calendar year 2017, only January and March had higher monthly totals.

Quarter production led the increase, rising by 37.6 percent to reach 180.8 million pieces. So far this year, 1,574,000,000 have been struck.

Monthly dime production rose by 26.6 percent, taking the denomination to over 2 billion struck this year.

Nickel output moved ahead by 20.1 percent. In the first nine months of 2017, the Mint has made over 1 billion of them.

Cent production increased, but not by much. It crept ahead by 4.0 percent. So far this year, the cent total stands at more than 6.6 billion pieces.

No half dollars or Native American dollars were coined in September.

In nine months, the Mint has struck 11,326,700,000 of all circulating denominations combined. If the Mint keeps up the manufacturing pace through the next three months, output for the year will be approximately 15.1 billion coins.

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