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Price Updates to Rare Czechoslovakian Dates

Rare late Date Czechoslovakian Gold Brings High Prices

I arrived at the ANA convention yesterday afternoon with the help of fellow KP workers David Kranz and Katy Gertz, to find a completely new and exciting booth set up for our products and web services. Specially for this major show our staff had set up a wondeful open booth which allowed collectors and dealers to float right in and engage us in conversation, with no table barriers at all. This new set-up coupled with the ready availability of lap-top computers to access NumisMaster for demonstrations lead to some great exchanges of vital information on new issues and coin values.

The great aspect of all this was that I was able examine coins, verify information and immediately enter the new data into NumisMaster, live to all our subscribers, on the spot. What a wonderful world!

Specifically I had an unuexpected visitor from Czechoslovakia, who assisted us in updating values for some of the extremely rare and desirebale late dates in the Czechoslovakian gold Dukat Trade Coinage series. Using notes on auction records and information on private offerings we updated values, sometimes in multiples of two or three times, for the 1936-39 dates and also the tough 1951 dates in the Dukat series. All of this was entered directly into NumisMaster and became available to all subscribers immediately after I verified and entered the data. We were also able to enter a new listing for an interesting coin, struck but never released for circulation, which I was lucky enough to be able to examine at the show.