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Platinum, silver

The silver
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A computer problem with a key Mint staffer added a little excitement to the collection of this week?s statistics. You will notice some strong changes in key offerings, like the ?W? mintmarked American Eagle coins. The platinum and silver pieces have gone off sale as well as the tenth-ounce ?W? uncirculated gold.

Some of the movements in the numbers sold may strike you as peculiar. The silver ?W? uncirculated Eagle lost more than 9,000, while the gold tenth rose by 1,888. The gold half ounce also rose by nearly 1,000 pieces. Obviously, the Mint accounting reconciliation process will prove interesting to collectors as we await final and verified numbers.

The first ?W? sellout was the tenth-ounce platinum Nov. 20. This was followed by silver, Dec. 11, platinum quarter, Dec. 15, the platinum half-ounce and four-coin set, Dec. 18, gold tenth, Dec. 18, and platinum ounce, Dec. 19. The ?W? gold will probably go fast.