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Platinum Eagles Soar as Spot Price Increases

By Richard Giedroyc

Platinum American Eagle Proof Coin

Reverse of the platinum proof 1-ounce American Eagle coin. (Image courtesy U.S. Mint.)

Everyone is interested in the current value of their coins; however, some individuals are true investors with more than a casual interest. It is for the sake of the serious investor that it should be mentioned that there are publicly traded stocks within the numismatic business as well as physical coins. Among these equities, it is worth noting that De La Rue PLC security printing company stock (DLAR:LN) has been skyrocketing on the London exchange from a low of £37.38 on May 29 to £151 on Aug. 10. Collectors Universe (CLCT), parent company to Professional Coin Grading Service, climbed from $22.24 on the same date to $41.02 on Aug. 10. This is something other than rare coins for the numismatic investor to consider.

Among the physical coins, bullion is still to the forefront as it follows the recently upwardly mobile spot price of silver as well as the record price for gold. Platinum is also showing significant increases, impacting platinum American Eagles prices. Dealers continue to pay close attention to spot prices in an effort to fill demand, not just from collectors, but from the general public. One important question to be asked: Is it fear or collecting pleasure that is now driving this market sector? There is weakness in collectible 19th century coins, but not so much in those of the 20th century.

Scarce to rare coins remain high-profile. The recent announcement of the upcoming auction of the 1794 silver dollar owned by Bruce Morelan in October is certain to draw more attention to the hobby, another positive for the future.

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