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Pick Up a Climpson Sale Catalog if You Can

More on British Commonwealth reference library

Back in May I posted an Old to New - Book Review or two dealing with establishing a working reference library for collecting British Commonwealth coinage. In that posting I recommended acquiring the two R.J. Ford collection auction catalogs from the Spink 1990 and 1991 sales.

Well, as time does march on, I thought I'd bring to your attention another auction catalog from Noble Numismatics, which would make a wonderful addition to any British Commonwealth library. The sale is of The Robert A. Climpson Collection of British Colonial Coins & Tokens and it just closed last month on July 25th. Some of you may have gotten a catalog and participated in the sale, others will want to contact Noble Numismatics quickly to see if any more copies are available.

Climpson has been the director of Noble's Sydney office for nearly 20 years and is recongnized for his knowledge of British Colonial coinage. His collection offered some of the finest examples likely to be see on the market for some time and his catalog should remain a useful reference tool for many years to come.

Check out Noble's website to see listings and closing prices for sale 85, with the Climpson Collection running from lot number 1404 to 2381. They maintain an easy to navigate archive of their past sales, which makes and excellent research tool.

In going over the auction you will note that there were coins offered from most every area of the empire, including: Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Cyprus, Ionian Islands, Gibraltar, Canada, Sierra Leone, Gold Coast, St. Helena, Mombasa, British West Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Seychelles, East Africa, Southern Rhodesia, South Africa, British Guiana, British Honduras, Jamaica, Trinidad, Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Australia, India, Ceylon, Sarawak, British North Borneo, Straight Settlements and more.