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Panama Silver Balboa Sets Rising

High Silver Spot Requires Raise in Balboa Sets

Yesterday I had a call from Standard Catalog contributor Peter N. Berger in Panama. Peter had gotten his new 36th edition Standard Catalog of World Coins and was searching through the DVD listings for Panama when he noticed that some of the proof set prices seemed too low. With the rise in spot silver, some of the 1 Balboa and 5 Balboa silver proof values had slipped a bit below current melt pulling the set values down with them.

We talked a little about the DVD, which Peter found pretty useful, and about how we would correct the 1 & 5 Balboa listings and the sets out on NumisMaster. I explained to Peter that since the catalog becomes a fixed entity once our designer runs the pages, NumisMaster has become an ideal and essential spot to keep current prices updated and available to collectors and dealers alike. Peter had yet to try NumisMaster, but I think after our conversation he will be signing up soon. The new all encompassing $79.95 one year subscription price, covering 1601-Date for all world coinage, is a great price and Peter thought it sounded like a real bargain.

After hanging up the phone I took an hour or so to enter all the updates for the silver 1 & 5 Balboas in Panama and then I updated all the proof and mint set listings to reflect current values. Stop by NumisMaster and check it out. There's always new data, new issues, new values and updates being entered, making NumisMaster a vital tool for world coin collectors.