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No new numbers added to boxes this week

The string of holidays catches up with the Mint staff, and the statistics do not come in before the deadline.
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The third time is definitely not the charm. As you probably have already figured out, the numbers in this week?s column have not changed at all. New numbers did not come in time for this week?s deadline.


The Mint staff successfully fended off delays for two week?s running with the Ohio First Spouse unveiling and the holiday-shortened week of Christmas, but a trifecta was not to be. New Year?s and the state funeral for former President Gerald R. Ford caused too much delay this week to be successfully overcome. This paper must be put to bed without them.

We know readers will miss them. We miss them. We feel like we have let you down and we are sorry. We hope you will come to this page again next week and catch up on things right along with us.

According to the Mint Web site, the two remaining ?W? uncirculated Eagle options shown below are still available.