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New Modern World Paper Money edition released !

The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues, 1960-date is now available in a 13th Edition from Krause Publications. That has been my winter project at the office from December thru March. It is always nice to have a product back from the printer.

Continuing in the familiar large 8-1/2 x 11 size format, this edition totals 1032 pages of modern world bank note listings, 32 pages of helpful information on collector terms, advertisements and historical information and an eight-page color section.

This is the 13th edition of the Modern Book that I have been involved with. We once again rely on correspondence and submissions from over 80 worldwide experts for price updates and new issue reports. Signature varieties, replacement note and specimen listings continue to be expanded.

For those who have been concerned and following the editor’s three-year-long trial and tribulation about image quality, Cuhaj is pleased to report that this edition is the first of the paper money volumes to be produced entirely in a digital format, thus all images have been electronically re-processed, enhancing their quality over past editions which were produced by the old format of screened half-tone veloxes.

This digital endeavor will continue into future volumes of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money series – Volume 1, Specialized Issues and Volume 2, General Issues – in addition to the online version of all the world paper money catalogs soon to be available at

What this all means is that to move the product - all three paper money products, our KP image library has had to be inspected, photos sized and given computer ID numbers, so that they will appear along with the data base test (which also had to be re-edited), and flowed into the computer image publishing program. This book went directly from computer to printing plate. A hugh advancement in book prodcution technology from what we did last year, when we spent over 200 hours of staff time transfering velox images onto the new past-up page for the book.

The book is available from the publisher direct, or major hobby distributors. Krause Publications, 700 East State St. Iola, WI 54990 USA. 1-800-258-0929, or on the web at
. ISBN #978-0-89689-502-7; at $50.00.

George ?uhaj