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New directory brings us together

I remember watching television as a kid. At the end of a segment, an announcer’s voice would say, “And now a word from our sponsor.”


Advertising paid the bills then. It still does. Ads also pay the bills for papers like Numismatic News.

The purpose of ads is to reach out to new customers. Sometimes coin dealers reach out into other fields whose demographics closely match the demographics of coin collecting.

One of those fields is that of antique collecting. Even if antique collectors don’t collect coins, they are aware of their existence and of potential value should any old coins be found in secret compartments in old desks.

Sister publication Antique Trader is bringing back its Business Directory. Coin dealers might want to take advantage of free listings in it to reach a new audience. There are also additional paid advertising possibilities as well.

Deadline for submission is June 1, 2017. This year’s directory will be published as part of the July 19, 2017, issue of Antique Trader. It will be distributed free to Antique Trader paper and online readers. There will be additional distribution at antiques and collectibles shows around the United States. You might even find them at the Numismatic News table at coin shows.

The basic listing will go into an alphabetical presentation and then the business name will appear in three other places in the guide at the discretion of the business that places the basic listing. There is a “Coins, Paper Money” category, “Auctioneers” category and other categories for fields that have in the past been paired with coin dealers, areas like stamps and comic books.

Even coin clubs looking for new members can place these free listings.

The Antique Trader staff says it is currently gathering information from antiques and collectibles and related businesses for inclusion in this national directory. They expect hundreds of businesses to be listed,. Why not put yours into this list as well?

Each business gets its name and contact information, website and e-mail address in this valuable collector’s resource. Directory users will thus see the name of all businesses in four places.

Naturally, there are other options in this directory to further enhance the presence of a business. These can be purchased. Additional options, such as bold listings, logo inclusion, and company descriptions are available to make each business stand out among the rest.

For a business to get started, download the Business Directory form:

The form is editable in the PDF format, providing easy entry of information and quick submission, but it might take a minute or two to open.

If the extra options appeal to you, contact Numismatic News ad representative April Krueger at 800-726-9966 ext. 13654. She can be emailed at

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