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Napoleon as President?

Italian Republic - Napoleon Bonaparte President


The Cisalpine Republic was changed into the Italian Republicin 1802 under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. From 1802 until 1805 the Italian Republic struck three coin types in gold and an off-metal or two. These were produced as patterns in preparation for regular coinage issues.

But in 1805, Napoleon assumed the title Emperor of the Frenchand the Italian Republic became the Kingdom of Italy, making the planned Napoleon Presidentalcoin issues obsolete.

Today these pieces are extemely rare with very few ever coming up for sale in the coin market. So the present offering in the January 5, 2009, Numismatik Lanz Munchenand Numismatica Bernardi Trieste Auction 145 will be a very special event.

Lot 209in the sale will offer the gold Doppia Anno II, formerly from the Guia Collection sold by Bowers & Merena in 1988, where it realized about $77,000. It's pre-auction estimate this time is about 150,000 Euro.

The Guia Collection held an amazing three types from the Italian Republic; a Mezza Doppia with wreath reverse, a Doppia with wreath reverse and the present Doppia with snake or serpent reverse. The Guia Collection auction offered a great number of Italian coin rarities, as did several auctions in 1988 and 1989. Guia and many other 1988-1989 catalogs are essential to any good Italian coinage reference library.