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Museum of American Finance re-opens on Wall Street

The Museum of American Finance has re-opened at a new location on Wall St.

Now at 48 Wall Street, the location is the former main banking room of the Bank of New York. A 20-year leese has been signed for 30,000 sq. feet of space which includes the main floor exhibit area, a 250 seat theater, classrooms, as well as collection storage and staff space.

The exhibition space features several theme-specific exhibition areas. The Financial Markets includes informaiton and displays in trading stocks, bonds and futures. Examples of historic stocks and bonds are on display, as well as examples of commodities. Banking in America traces the historiy of institutions. Monitors are places in a semi-circle around the top of the marble entrance stairway. Also in this area are a group of kisoks with video interviews honoring Entrepreneurs telling their success stories. There is a room dedicated to Alexander Hamilton (founder of the Bank of New York), and a "vault" featuring development of Money in America, from colonial times, thru obsolete currency and the begining of Federal currency to today's Federal Reserve Notes. There is special exhibition space for temporary displays as well as a 48-seat theater and a well stocked money themed gift shop. The exhibition area was designed by the firm of C&G partners, under the team leadership of Jonathan Alger.

The main bank floor includes eight large murals painted in 1928 by J. Monroe Hewlett depicting images related to banking, manufacturing and international trade.

Museum president Lee Kjelleren and museum founder John Herzog were on hand to greet visitors at the members reception, and to inform us of the decision by Duncan L. Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext that the Musuem will be considered the defacto visitor center for the New York Stock Exchange.

Open Tuesday-Saturday, close on federal and market holidays. Admission is $8. for adults, $5 for children and seniors. See