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Mnuchin at Treasury


Steven T. Mnuchin

A new 2017 series of Federal Reserve Notes will go into the works as the U.S Senate confirmed Steven T. Mnuchin as U.S. Treasury secretary Feb. 13. He was sworn in at the White House shortly afterwards.

A facsimile signature of Mnuchin will begin appearing with that of an as yet unnamed Treasurer of the United States.

New Treasury secretary signatures generate a new year date on notes while a new treasurer usually prompts just the addition of a suffix letter to the date.

Federal Reserve Note dates do not change each year as do dates on coins.

Mnuchin brings with him a background as a Wall Streeet banker at Goldman Sachs, a sting as head of OneWestBank and backer of Hollywood movies.

The prior Treasury secretary, Jacob J. “Jack” Lew is remembered by collectors for his curlicue signature.

Mnuchin will also inherit an agency that is working on a major redesign of the currency by the early 2020s to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman as well as adding other civil rights leaders to the designs of other notes.

His Treasury biography notes: “Prior to his confirmation he also served as Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Dune Capital Management. He also founded OneWest Bank Group LLC and served as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until its sale to CIT Group Inc. was the first bank merger over 50 Billion dollars post financial crisis.

“Earlier in his career, Secretary Mnuchin worked at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. where he was a Partner and served as Chief Information Officer.”

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