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Mint Stats: Silver Proof Set Tops Week’s Sales

New this week is the removal of the 2017 listings in the Proof Gold section to make way for the 2019 entries. You will find those updated numbers at the bottom of this page.

The sales standout this week is the 2020 10-coin Silver Proof Set. It is up 7,876 over last week for a total sold of 198,762.

With a slightly lower percentage increase, but with higher actual sales numbers, is the 2020 10-coin clad Silver Proof Set. With a total this week at 256,811, it saw just over 7,000 units sold since last week’s count.

Rounding out the top 5 sellers but with more modest increases are the 2020 five-quarter silver ATB Proof Set with an increase of 1,199, the 2019-W uncirculated silver Eagle with a jump of 889 and the 2019 10-coin Silver Proof Set that saw an uptick of 735.

An item posting a notable decrease in sales this week is the 2020-W proof silver Eagle. Its total fell from 272,916 last week to 272,825 this week. It could be that the Mint is reconciling its numbers and made the downward adjustment accordingly. We will be keeping an eye on this one to see where it goes from here.