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Mint Stats: Demand high for gold American Eagles

Demand for gold American Eagles is on fire. For the one-ounce bullion Eagle, it will take sales of just 3,500 more in the last few days of October to equal the top selling month of the year, which was April. In all likelihood, the October number will beat April. In terms of total gold ounces across the four sizes, October sales trail three other months of this year.

Silver Eagle October sales are pushing toward 4 million. Will they make it? Come back next week and we’ll see.

Not on fire is demand for the Ronald Reagan Coin & Chronicles Set. Sales are moving toward 30,000. But this is far below the mintage maximum of 150,000. To be fair, demand has already exceeded three of the four sets sold last year. Will Reagan sales beat Kennedy’s? Another reason to come back again next week to find out.

The gold Standing Liberty quarter number is now almost 80,000. Proof 30th anniversary silver American Eagle sales stand at 424,289.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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