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Mint Statistics: Time to tell the Ellis Island story again

The Ellis Island 5-ounce silver bullion coin went on the board below at 39,500. That is nearly double the number of the prior two designs. The story of Ellis Island has inspired collectors for years. Perhaps a new promotion to collectors is in the works. Or is it just silver bullion related? Silver is on the rise.

I have to mention that sales of the Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set are running backwards. This week’s number is 187,304 sold of a possible 225,000. Take a look at the story on Page 4 for further details. The set is not the only thing going backwards. The 2017-W proof platinum American Eagle coin stands at 8,779 and doesn’t look like it will get to its 10,000 maximum any time soon.

New autumn offers from the Mint will soon be added to these pages. Get ready to go shopping for more 2017-S proof silver American Eagles Oct. 5 in the Limited Edition Silver Proof Set.


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