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Mets Money scrip notes back at

Last Friday evening I had the pleasure of joining Mark Anderson, Mitch Battino and Bruce Smart (All ex-Smythe folks) at a Mets game at the new CitiField in Flushing, NY.


I found the stadium very nice. The food was of a good value and quality for the price. The views great. The scoreboards informative and with sharp images.

But with all the stuff in the gift shops - hats, ball and uniforms of different colors, I was only able to see credit card type gift certificates in use or available. I needed to go to the advance ticket window to purchase examples of the Mets Money.


The issue currently available was copyrighted in 2006. It honors Shea Stadium, and the denominations of $1, $5 and $10 have different portraits of the classic mascott Mr. Met, and the back has older to newer views of Shea Stadium (lower to higher). The stadium commemorative dates of 1964-2008 are on each.

It seems that these notes were issued for the 2008 season, as they have the notation of "Final Season at Shea" I do not know if 2009 CitiField notes will be made.