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Memorial Day 2008, an interesting tribute for K-9 corps member

It is Memorial Day Weekend, and next to any other holiday, more Americans probably spend some time talking about past military service of family and friends, or visit a cemetary this weekend.

The Wisconsin Veterans Adminstration operates a facility in King, which is about 14 miles form Iola. It stared as a G.A.R. facility, for veterans and their spouce (who require medical care) to live in an environment of indepence yet observation.

It has a large military cemetary on a hilside next to the grounds.

While walking thru the cemetary several years ago, I noticed a lone stone placed in a small trafic triangle, and it had a nice tree and even a bench. My first though was that is odd, to have just one service man in the middle of a traffic triangle, however, upon closer inspection, I got to read the stone and everything became clear.

The stone is named for "Brownie" a member of the U.S. Army K-9 corps serving from May 1943 thru October 1944. The dog obviously retuned to the Wisconsin Veterans Home, and was probably a very welcomed visitor to many of the veterans. He lived 1941-1949. The tribute: "A veterans best friend" is at the bottom of the stone. 

His grave is visited often today, as there are usually a fresh bundle of bird feathers decorating the gravesite. The bench is also a welcome rest spot as the grounds are hilly.