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Media Forum - Mint of Poland Coins for 2009


Mint of Poland 2009 Coins

As Jacek Jakobczak, Trade and Marketing Deputy Direct of the Mint of Poland, explained their issues for 2009 will be expansive, with 20 programs, nearly 100 coins and mintages running into the millions. The Mint of Poland is now doing a great deal of contract work for smaller countries, such as Nuie Island, Belarus, Andorra and Armenia. For these countries they are creating some stellar coins related to Artists and Fairy Tales, but for Poland the mint is still designing coins within historical confines.

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In 2008 the Mint of Polandissued coins for the 400th Anniversary of Polish Settlement in America including a gold 100 Zlotych and a silver 10 Zlotych. 450 Years of the Polish Postal System were also celebrated numismatically in 2008 with a gold 200 Zlotych and a silver 10 Zlotych with a color stamp.

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In 2009 expect to see coins commemoratinga number of subjects, including - The Polish Hussars, 90th Anniversary of the Supreme Chamber of Control, 180 Years of the Central Bank, The June 4, 1989 Election, 100 Yeras of TATRA - the mountain volunteer resue service, and coins celebrating the Warsaw Uprising. Also new in 2009 will be a European Green Lizard 20 Zlotych for their ever popular animal series, plus a coins for poets, painters and popular music.

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On a separate note, the Mint of Poland announced at the Media Forum that it is now a submission center for PCGS in Europe. This is a very new service for their customer base and may prove to be a big event for modern issue numismatics in 2009. At the World Money Fair, both PCGS and NGC were busy talking with Mints, auction houses and other coin folk in an effort to strengthen their ties with world coin communities. All era of coinage are targeted, ancients to modern issues, as auction sales and this announcement indicate.