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Media Forum - Australian Coins for 2009


Royal Australian Mint - 2009 Coins

Looking forward to 2010, Graham Smith Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Australian Mint is hoping for a great turnout when the RAM hosts the Annual Mint Directors Conference in Canberra. Smith shared a bit of RAM history with the crowd before handing off to Felicity Mullens, Director of Markteing and Sales, who did a quick wrap-up of 2008 and shared some of the RAM 2009 programs with us.

aust polar.jpg

Their Little Dinkums series continues with a new pair of gold proofs for Petey Platypusand Lillypilly Lizard, plus a brand new Mama Roo $1 coin will be released in 2009 featuring a mother kangaroo with four young followers. The new Blinky Bill coin series also begins in 2009, with a proof setand a special Baby set, both of which include coins with Blinky Bill's originator, Dorothy Wall. A gold and a $1 silver type will be struck to celebrate 60 Years of Australian Citizenship. This design brings together the great melting pot of Aussie culture in a circular propeller like array. It’s a good-looking coin and one that should garner attention from their collector base and beyond.

aust dinkum.jpg
aust bill artist.jpg
aust astr.jpg

For the International Year of Astronomy, the RAM has produced a pair of coins with simple, yet fun designs showing the famous parks Telescope in a basic brass $1 type and a more intricate copper nickel 20 cent coin, both in proof and unciraulted sets, plus six coinproof and unc sets with the circulation denominations included.

aust ox.jpg

Also new for 2009 are a $1 Year of the Ox coin, $10 gold and $1 silver and gold plated Kangaroo coinsdesigned by artist Ken Done, a 20 cent commemorative for Australian Service Nurses and a pair of new silver $5 issues for the International Polar Year.

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