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Many voices make 'Modern Issues' great

 Tracy Schmidt, Standard Catalog Editor

Tracy Schmidt, Standard Catalog Editor

Work on the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues volume is currently underway. I feel very fortunate to have so much great contributor help with pricing, images, new issue content, corrections, and special projects. Thank you to all the new contributors and returning contributors. The finished catalog will strongly reflect your contributions.

I am working to target updates to several areas through special project work. A very kind soul is working on reviewing and updating the signature charts. It will take time to go through the whole volume, but you will see changes starting to happen. There are a couple other projects I have in mind for the Modern Issues catalog, so please let me know if you have time and interest in taking on a larger project.

The production schedule for the Modern Issues catalog will be tight. I do, however, want to get as many of the late fall new issues into the book as possible. I am going to ask for contributors to keep sending me that information even after the September deadline I have given you. I will try my best to add it in.

General Issues

Several people asked about whether we would be having an e-pub version of the General Issues, 16th edition. Due to your requests, we have one in the works right now. If you would like me to email you when it becomes available, please let me know. I will be happy to send you an update.


It is important to understand the numbering in the paper money catalogs. F+W owns the Pick numbering system. It is important to remember that those numbers cannot be used without permission or created/generated by anyone other than us.

In doing research for the catalogs, I am becoming concerned that the unauthorized use of this numbering system is causing confusion in the hobby. A number is not a Pick number (Standard Catalog number) unless we assign it. I have been seeing some notes from grading services and collector websites that have created their own numbering for new issues and varieties.

A grading service cannot certify a note as a Pick/SCWPM#__ when we have not assigned such a number. We may, in fact, end up assigning a completely different number. It is also confusing to collectors who use data share sites to have those groups creating their own Pick numbers and Pick varieties. PCGS has reached out to us to assign numbers for unlisted notes. We are looking forward to working together to lower the number of “unlisted” attributions on certified notes.

The numbering is assigned in a structured way. Sometimes it is necessary to leave number gaps for denominations still to come. Other times, gaps are left for general future growth of the book. There are multiple reasons for prefix and suffix uses. This has to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and cannot be interpreted by others.

If there is a note that needs to be added to the catalog, please contact me and I will review your request. The grading company can also contact me to request a number. If you have a certified note that does not appear in a catalog, please let me know directly. I can check my database to see whether it exists or is not yet in our system.


Tracy Schmidt

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