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Lower prices good for long-term buyer

A well-known financial commentator recently summarized the current stock market situation as a bear market rather than as a correction. That economic diagnosis can set anyone with a retirement plan on edge.

CMAG 1218

The coin market has been both in a correction and an ensuing bear market for some time. You can wring your hands and gnash your teeth. You can leave the business of coins entirely. Or you can look at the current numismatic environment as being filled with bargains compared to what you would have been paying several years ago.

There are some interesting correlations between today’s stock market and the business of coins. Is your glass half empty, or is it half full? If you are into coins primarily to make a profit rather than to collect them, you are either a dealer who understands current market conditions or you are an investor looking for a long-term rather than a short-run increase in values.

At the moment, it doesn’t appear there is any area of coins that can be identified as “the” area in which appreciation appears to be consistent. While prices increase for some coins, values decline for other examples of the same coin types.

Bullion impacted coins continue to trade in a tight range, as do the spot prices of both gold and silver. The prices of many Morgan silver dollars, one of the most popular areas collected, continue to decline modestly.

This is bad news if you are hoping to tell your bank that your coin collection is a more valuable asset. However, recognize that the current bear market in coins is good for the long-term collector. There are so many coins that can be purchased at lower prices.

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