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Live at the Wolrd Coin Fair in Berlin

Each year the Wolrd Money Fair in Berlin hosts a Media Forum in which a small numer of world mints present powerpoint displays of their upcoming coinage programs. I am here at the 2011 Media Forum and reporting live to you as the event happens.

The Mint of Poland, as host mint went first and they showed a great line-up of some fantastic coins, several of which I am sure will prove very popular. I noticed they displayed some of the major coins they will be stiking for client countries such as Nuie Islands. Of particular note were a star shaped coin and a great looking oval gold coin. Many of the Polish series will contune and I beleive most, if not all information on their programs is soon to be available of their website.

Up at the moment is the Royal Mint presentation, which includes three major pointsof interest; First a 60th Jubilee series of Commonwealth issues, with a Diamond Jubilee coins issued in the UK. Next is a group of issues for the Royal wedding, the desings of which are looking quite lovely, although they are still in developement for the precious metal issues. I believe the engagement coin is already available in gold silver and a base netal example in packaging which is selling well in the UK. A childrens 50 pence base metal series is also available with two types catching much public interest. One explains the offsides rules for football, while the other displays ayoung girls sur,mounting a high jump. This second coins has caught the interest of the press and seems to have a strong backing from young collectors. All of these types were drawn froma public design contest.