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Letters to the Editor: June 30, 2020

‘W’ Quarter Find Renews Collecting Passion

I would like to give my opinion on the “W” quarters program. I have been a collector for about 65 years, and in the last few years I have been keeping up on the hobby through Numismatic News but not making any new purchases.

I started looking for the “W” quarters and found one. Now I’m back. I just purchased the Sacagawea dollar I was missing and some Lincoln cents also. Now I have some of my friends looking for the “Ws” too. So I think it’s a great way to get people back in the hobby.

What do we need to get young people back in the hobby? We need something to collect their interest in such as basketball players or Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, Jackie Robinson, etc. Also coins of famous people like Elvis, Martin Luther King Jr., Dale Earnhardt, Kobe Bryant, Mohammed Ali and don’t forget a presidential coin for George Bush. Another important coin would be a “Heroes of the Pandemic” coin.

Richard Hatfield
Address Withheld

Coinstar Churns Out Surprising ‘Rejects’

After reading some of these letters, I felt like I just had to tell my story. I worked in the grocery business when Coinstar first came about, and I volunteered to answer the call when the machines got jammed up.

One day, I passed by and saw some rejects in the return and scooped them up. They weren’t anything special until I saw some wheat ears on one. I flipped it over and almost lost my breath. It was a copper 1943 cent.

Knowing the value of this, I was headed to the phone to call the main office and resign because I was now rich, but I hesitated and checked it out first. I put it on a magnet and it stuck; what I had was copper-plated steel, so I kept working.

A different day, not long after, I found two 1987 silver Eagles in the return bin. I could not believe someone would pour those in and not check the return bin afterward. I still have all three coins to this day. Since then, I have found many coins in the Coinstar, but those were the best. You just never know what you might find. Keep looking.

Robert (Last Name Withheld)

Is ‘5C’ Half Dime Value Missing from Listings?

For years I have received Numismatics News. I own an 1834 half dime with “5C” on the reverse. Each year you print 1835 as the beginning year with “5C” on the reverse. I am wondering if it is a misprint that you don’t start with 1834 5C on the reverse. I hope you can clear this up for me. I would like to know the value of my coin.

Howard Stegmann
Marshalltown, Iowa

WWII Quarters Should Receive More Fanfare

More respect should be shown in regards to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. The privy-marked quarters should not be simply tossed into a giant bin of mixed circulation quarters and randomly distributed so they are ruined by contact with so many other coins. A special Mint set should have been presented for these coins.

User Submitted

YN Viewpoint a Big Accomplishment

I am just another old guy (61). I started collecting coins when I was 6. I read with joy and sadness the wonderful article written by Radek Molchan. On the bottom of the second page in bold letters, it reads “I think the biggest failing in numismatics is that no one is asking the youth and no one is understanding what we are interested in.” I agree. I suppose he was thankful that his list of accomplishments now includes being a contributor to one of the best, most-read magazines in the business. But I am pretty sure that he was saddened when he looked at the May 12 issue pages 6-7 and saw his name misspelled at the end of the story.

James Faulkerson
Hillsboro, Mo.

Editor’s Note: We are very glad that Radek Molchan submitted his Viewpoint, also. We apologize for the misspelling of his name and regret the error.

Numismatic News a Must-Read for Collectors

I have been reading Numismatic News for years. A long time ago, I thought that I would save some money. So instead of buying it at the local book store, I subscribed to it instead. How convenient that it comes weekly right to my house.

With my savings, I have extra money to purchase more coins. The Numismatic News magazine and website are full of great articles. No serious coin collector should be without this valuable information. The only way I know how to describe it is as “A true book of knowledge on coins.” Keep up the good work!

Ed Menghini
Cheyenne, Wyo.

Historical Article on N.Y. Assay Office of Interest

I realize these are tough times, but when we get back to normal, would it be possible for you to write an article regarding the storied history of the New York Assay Office? The Assay office has been mentioned many times in articles over the years, but the full extent of how valuable this office was to the U.S. Mint operations could be an interesting article for your readers.

Michael Goldstein
Address Withheld

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