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Letters to the Editor: June 25, 2019

2019 AMP “W” Quarters

Can anyone answer if the quarters at this event were “seeded” with 2019 AMP “W” quarters? Per the article in the May 28, 2019 issue of NN, it says there were more than 1,000 students and 200 coin enthusiasts. Someone may know that answer. Usually a bank is named in the article who was in charge of releasing the quarters, but none was listed.

Also, usually there is a note somewhere in the article of how much in rolled coin was purchased. That is not mentioned either. Just curious, this would have been the first time that the “W” could have been released to the public in one of the quarter release programs.

Ralph A. Fuller
Cleveland, Ohio.

Missing Penny from Order

I ordered the 2019 uncirculated set from the mint especially because of the “W” mintmark penny.

The set was delivered on May 21 (I was home) and the package had been tampered with (a sloppy scotch tape job). Sure enough the penny was missing.

I reported it to the mint (a cordial conversation) and at this writing will continue to pursue the matter.

Name and Address withheld

Editor’s Note:

We have received a couple complaints about this matter concerning the missing penny. Do the readers have any thoughts on this?

Devalued Sets

Never buy another annual “silver or clad” proof set or specific edition proofs and especially the Annual Uncirculated Sets. All of these are automatically devalued, predicated on two and sometimes, three years in “extended” sales of these “U.S. Mint” supposed “annual items.”

Continued sales after these items are prouduced only reflect “a fact,” meaning if you want a supposed “special U.S. Mint produced set” expect that these special sets are set up to be “devalued” by a ‘free capitalist market.’ We’re always the L-O-S-E-R-S!

Ronald Couch
Payson, Ariz.

Prices of Commemorative Coins

I was going to renew my subscription to Numismatic News, but when I have kept track of the prices of the modern commemorative coins for the past year, the prices of some of the coins are way out of line. I would like to know where I can buy a 2004 4-coin set Winter Olympics-Salt Lake City for $38.00?

Russel Klausch
Fox Lake, Wis.

Editor’s Note:


Thank you for being an avid reader of Numismatic News and for paying great attention to detail. We have sent your feedback to our pricing analysts for review and welcome any additional feedback you have in the future.

Coins Shows are Vital

Coin shows are and should remain a vital part of coin collecting. How else can one physically handle and inspect, in a single venue,coins from multiple dealers?While the Internet will remain the most convenient means to locate a coin, there is a world of difference between viewing a digital photo [if the online photos are done well-unfortunately, many are blurry, dark and cannot be zoomed] and holding the coin in your hand.

James Sibley
Spring, Texas

New Numismatist

I just recently became obsessed with coins and the stories they could tell if they had tongues! How many cups of sugary lemonade has my 1924-D penny purchased? Is the Nevada “Pooping Horse” quarter I just spotted in my change from mango water ice really worth twenty dollars to someone?? Should I tell anyone about finding #31 from Wexlers top 50 double die list....the 1983DDR?

I am DIY-ing a penny counter top in my kitchen just to justify to a nosey bank teller all the rolls of pennies I’ve bought recently!! Totally worth it!! It is also finally something both my husband and I enjoy equally so we can spend time together, treasure hunt, be totally OCD about AND our parents approve, unlike when we were in a traveling dive theater production tour of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Barbara Sheridan
Morrisville, Pa.

Great American Coin Hunt is a Waste of Time

Well this will certainly not entice young people to become coin collectors.Millenials for one thing don’t use coins and never receive change because they use credit cards for all purchases.

On the other hand, maybe you have a bunch of baby boomers running around trying to find a common Lincoln wheat cent or perhaps a 2019 “W” Washington quarter.Maybe even a 1950-D Jefferson five cent piece. Probably most of these coins will end upback in bank vaults.

Acomplete waste of time.

Ronald Rescigno
Basking Ridge, N.J.

1990 no mintmark Lincoln penny

I am hoping to get in contact with someone that may be able to help me. I think I may have a 1990 1c no mintmark Lincoln penny. One of the photos is that in comparison to a regular 1990 penny I believe.

Kayla Blacksher
Address withheld