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Letters to the Editor: August 27, 2019

Lowell W Quarter

I had a crazy couple of weeks, so I’m not sure where I received this coin. When things settled down I went through my change and found this!

That’s right! I found a Lowell W quarter! They are out there. Just keep your eyes open and keep hunting.

Sharon Enneking
Marion, Iowa

Poor Quality Set

I was excited to receive my Coin and Currency sets, but then I opened the box and took a look. How disappointing!

One of the dollar bills was about a third buried in plastic and the other bill had the left hand buried about 3/4 of an inch. This made both sets just plain ugly.

This is the first time I have felt it necessary to send something back to the Mint. Quality control at the Mint seems a bit lax.

Danie Liberatore
Framingham, Mass.

1943 Copper Penny Hunt

Since I found several 1982 D pennies with the small 82, I have went through thousands of pennies. I am not looking for the 82D, but for the real copper penny of 1943. I have come close many times by finding 1942’s and 1944’s.

I am also finding 1980,1983,1984, and 1988 with 80,83, and 88 being small numbers. Are these error coins and is it worth having them graded?

George Parks
Address withheld

The Mint Needs New Ideas

The cent is 110 years old, the nickel is 81, the dime is 73, the quarter is 87, the half dollar is 55 years old... and the Mint director wonders why sales for the core collector sets are diminishing?! I used to buy 10 silver proof sets on the Mint’s subscription list, I now buy three. Why? I gave theother sets away as gifts at Christmas.

I did this until one Christmas a child looked at his set and regretfully said aloud, “agian?” He was bored with getting the same sets with only the dates changed. So I now buy him video games instead of mint products.

If the mint really wants to “stir up interest” in circulating finds, the “W” quarter won’t do it because people in banks or dealers will see the coins before others can. They will be the ones who benefit, not the public. If the mint really wantd to create excitement in coin collecting among the populace, they would change all the designs of the circulating coins.

As far as the half dollar, it’s minted for collectors so ask the collectors to submit ideas for a new half dollar. And, please, please, please eliminate presidents as a design! They’ve been honored. What the Mint should do is bring back classic engravings of Liberty.

Finding new designs at the store just might encourage ayoungster (or adult) to become a collector! It’s worth a thought.

Tom Robbins
Oquawka, Ill.

Morgan and Peace Dollar Re-Run

Bringing back the Morgan and Peace Dollars clearly shows a lack of imagination. Unless on the Morgan, the Tail-Feather Count is corrected to 12 as it is correctly depicted on Mercanti’s ASE. Houw about JFK on a Dollar Coin just as his brother is on the 1988 commemorative? It made no sense at the time in that JFK had been president while RFK had not, yet Robert Kennedy’s coin is a higher denomination. Lincoln has his silver dollar, why not JFK?

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

Weasel on eBay

I have a couple stories I thought I would share with you guys.

My happy story happened in 2003 when I bid on and won an ungraded 1885 Liberty V Nickel from someone in Germany on eBay for $400. I sent it to PCGS and it came back as an authentic VF35. At the time the value was around $1,300, score!

My sad story happened in2012. I sold an ungraded 2008-W burnished ASE for $68 on eBay, only to realize I sent the winning bidder my ungraded 2008-W reverse of 2007 ASE by mistake. After pleading with him and offering a 1/10 oz. gold American Eagle and his money back for the return, the weasel declined to send it back. I hope karma caught up with him. Maybe he will submit his happy story to Numismatic News.

Byron Wood

Boys Town Coin

Several years ago I purchased a raw 1839-O Capped Bust Half Dollar. At the time, the reported mintage was 162,976. Since then, new documentation came to light that reduced that number to 116,000. Consequently the value increased accordingly. I recently had it certified NGC EF40. Thank you for your very informative publication. Now, tell me why they put a girl on a “Boys Town” commemorative?

Tom Holds
Battlecreek, Mich.

Editor’s Note:

Hi Tom,

According to the BoysTown website, since its founding in 1917 it has expanded its mission to help not just boys but all children in need and is known as a national leader inchild, family, and community services.