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Letters to the Editor (04/01/14)

Commemorative coins should be a way to attract new collectors.
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2014 U.S. Coin Digest

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Limit mintages of commemorative coins

Commemorative coins should be a way to attract new collectors. These are some of our most beautiful and interesting United States coins. When I show mine to people who don’t collect they are always intrigued.

Limiting the mintage would enhance the interest with collectors and people looking to invest. Limits of 500,000 seem crazy on coins that don’t have a truly historic significance (i.e. Lincoln’s 200th). Value is ruined for collectors and investors with the huge numbers.

Numbers on the 2013 issues are indicative of collectors having to create their own rarities. Actually, creating rarities would certainly increase interest in collectors and the general public. You could mix it up, one of the two commemoratives each year could become a star.

It would be nice to know the coins I love will not just be “silver melts” for my grandchildren.

Randy Woods
Address withheld

2014 cents show up in Colorado

I got five 2014 Lincoln cents from Denver today!

Always looking!

Kip Caven

Elongated cent a welcome gift in change

At the self check-out at the local Walmart I received an elongated cent in change. A nice San Francisco featuring a cable car and the Golden Gate bridge. Having spent a lot of time there while in the Navy, it was a welcome “gift.”

Tim Coltrin
Glendale Heights, Ill.

Learn about numismatics before buying coins

Buyer beware. I recently got a new friend into coin collecting and he just clicks on whatever pops up on his phone and if he likes it he buys it.

That’s all well and good, but try and go to established dealers’ websites to buy your coins or bullion.

And knowledge is power; always buy the book before the coin. I am only 29 years old and have more numismatic reference material in my library than coins.

I always prefer to save and go to a local coin show or trusted dealer in the area to make my coin purchases. Sight unseen purchasing is just a risky thing considering a MS-65 coin may be weak for the grade and only trade sight seen for much less than you purchased it for online.

In person, sight seen and knowledge of what your buying is always better than buying anything on eBay. I never have bought any coins on eBay, and have been buying and selling coins for over 10 years. And I don’t intend on using eBay for coin purchases anytime soon.

Evan J Brooke
Blue Bell, Pa.

ANA show in Atlanta benefited from volunteers

The American Numismatic Association National Money Show held at the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta on Feb. 27- March 1 was a hugely successful coin convention.

Attendance at the show was exceptional and 4,771 registered for the event. Our personal thanks to ANA Convention Director Rhonda Scurek, Executive Director Kim Kiick and all the staff for their tireless work. Thanks also to President Walter Ostromecki Jr and the board for their work on this convention. A huge thanks to General Chair Chip Cutcliff, his committee and volunteers, the hosts Georgia Numismatic Association and Metropolitan Coin Club; and the National Volunteers for their dedicated and outstanding work on this convention.

A special thanks to the exhibitors, judges, speakers, PPI Security, the numismatic press participants including Krause Publications, Coin Television, the U. S. Mint, Bureau of Engraving & Printing and U. S. Post Office (show had special commemorative Postmark), show sponsors and patrons, scout and kids zone activities, show program, coin club tables & meetings, and especially the coin dealers who participated and finally Heritage Auctions for holding a very successful official ANA auction at this convention. Over 500 dealers held tables on the sold out bourse.

The museum showcase had outstanding coins and currency items displayed such as the 1913 liberty head nickel, 1804 dollar and half-disme, along with other rarities. The area also had a reproduction of a Model of 1862 Gatling gun which was in working condition. Kagin’s had on display part of the $10 million dollar Saddle Ridge Hoard collection which drew huge crowds. For the first time the ANA had an Appraisal area of experts (Saturday only) which drew long lines until the show ended.

The Treasurer of the U.S. Rosie Rios attended the opening ceremonies and later signed autographs. Of special significance was Feb. 27, the day of the first issue of the four, eight and 16 subject $100 sheets. Nancy Wilson was first in line and got the first sheet, which Rios signed and marked with a No. 1.

Well-deserved thanks to everyone who worked hard and contributed to the success of this convention. Make sure you visit and Facebook to see the videos and many pictures taken at the convention. We look forward to the ANA World’s Fair of Money to be held in Rosemont, Ill., on Aug. 5-9.

John and Nancy Wilson
ANA National Volunteers, Ocala, Fla.

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