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Key dates stable as bullion values fluctuate

I find myself changing the prices for modern commemorative gold coins, generic older date circulation strike gold coins, circulated common date 20th century U.S. silver coins and most uncirculated American Eagle coins every week. Their values are directly impacted by the spot price of gold and silver.


The value of the key dates in each of these series haven’t moved in months. There has been no depreciation, but there has been no appreciation either in these more collectible coins. In the meantime, complaints continue as always that dealers are only interested in buying most coins at bullion prices, yet these same dealers hold the line on what they charge to sell coins even when the intrinsic value of the same coins has declined.

Regarding proof and mint sets, the Numismatic NewsJune 27 Viewpoint statement: “Do not purchase anything from the United States Mint. The U.S. Mint manufactures coins and commemoratives in such huge quantities that they are essentially worthless” unfortunately rings true for all the post-1964 issues.

The statement: “collecting numismatic or rare coins will outperform bullion investments is, in most cases, no longer true” needs many qualifications, since the truly rare coin market continues to perform well.

At the moment, bullion and coins related to bullion continue to underperform. If you can afford the best of the best you have a much better chance of labeling it as an investment.

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