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It's time for hot dogs, not work

It took 10 minutes for my computer to sign me in this morning. As I looked at the spinning wheel of death, as we call here in the office, one thought kept going through my mind:

“What am I doing here?”

Not even my computer seems to want me to work.

My brother and his wife are in from Charlotte, N.C. A nephew is out camping with his two sons for a Cub Scouts event and the family discussions over the weekend centered around the plans for the annual Fourth of July parade in Bonduel at the home of a niece of mine.

Because of that very same holiday, the production period for this week’s Numismatic News has been shortened by a day, so mentally for me this already is Tuesday.

I will be checking on who still hasn’t received their ballots for the American Numismatic Association election, though that problem seems to be in the process of getting resolved.

There will be the check of e-mail to see if there are any new complaints about what the U.S. Mint may or may not be doing right.

And while July may seem like a perfect time to kick back and enjoy the holiday, the hobby’s own schedule seems to be going into overdrive.

The Whitman Baltimore Coin and Collectibles Convention has just concluded.

I head for the airport Thursday morning to attend the annual Memphis paper money show, which is later now that it has been displaced from its traditional Father’s Day weekend.

After Memphis comes the new Summer FUN in West Palm Beach. A staff member will be going, but I will be here at home cooking hamburgers for the annual Old Car Show right here in Iola, Wis.

I get the funny feeling that there aren’t too many people out there to read this. They have more sense and a better schedule than I have and are having a relaxing week somewhere.

No? Well, do let me know. After all, misery loves company.