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Bavaria German States


John Weber of Beaver Dam, WI wrote in about a coin he could not identify. He included written legends and a photograph of the obverse and reverse of the coin, but made no mention about the metal content or the diameter of the piece.

From the legends:

Obverse: D.G.MAX.10S.U.B/D.S.R.I.A.&EL.L.L


With this information we can immediately surmise that this coin is from the German State of Bavaria. If we assume that it is a large silver piece and take into account the 1760 date we can best guess that John's coin is a KM#234.1, Davenport #1953, Thaler.

John's coin is very well worn, probably a VG-F, and this type is fairly common, so we would place it's approximate value right around $20 to $25.