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Instant Coin Collector

New Starter Book - Instant Coin Collector


Arlyn Sieber, former editorial director for the numismatic division at KP, has written a new beginning coin collector book. It's titled The Instant Coin Collector - Everything You Need to Know to Get Started Now.


I got a review copy from our Specialty Trade sales expert Brenda Mazemke and was pleased to discover that this is one of the handiest and most concise beginners guides to U.S. coin collecting I have ever read. At 255 pages, with all color illustration and a retail price of only $14.99 this is certainly a best value product for anyone interested in getting into coin collecting or coin investment.

Some of the key points of coverage for this title include:

  • How to Handle and Store Coins
  • Westward Journey Nickels
  • Bicentennial Coins
  • 50 State Quarters
  • Kennedy Half Dollars
  • Eisenhower Dollars
  • Anthony Dollars
  • Sacagawea Dollars
  • Min and Prood Sets
  • Wheat Cents
  • Doubled-die Lincoln Cents
  • Language of Coins
  • Coin Grading
  • Coin Community

Hats off to Arlyn for a great job in putting together such an extremely handy little title for our shared hobby of coin collecting!