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"In God We Trust" responses

From the July 5 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Should the Mint move
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From the July 5 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Should the Mint move ?In God We Trust? from the edge of the new dollar coins?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I support the concept to move ?In God We Trust? back to the obverse wholeheartedly. I don?t think it should have been moved to the sides to begin with. For us older collectors, it?s hard enough to see everything that?s on the coins to begin with without using some type of magnifier. So, let?s put it back where we can see it.

Jim Glick
Olympia, Wash

I do not support the change. In fact, I am disappointed, but not at all surprised, that our legislators have nothing better to do during their brief sessions in Washington.

Arthur M. Fitts III
Framingham, Mass.

Yes, I support such a bill. All of the info on the edge of the Presidential dollar coins should be moved! I think that it was a bad idea in the first place, and looks awful! The sooner the move the better. My main coin collecting interest lay in putting together a U.S.A. type set (over halfway there). While I was proud to add one of the statehood quarters to my collection (Michigan, of course), I was rather reluctant to add the Washington dollar coin, but did any way. However, I?ll gladly add the first Presidential coin with the edge info removed as an additional type!

Robert H. Ball, Jr.
Detroit, Mich.

Move ?In God We Trust? to the front or back.

Anthony Balazic
Alma, Ark.

I would like to see ?In God We Trust? move from the edge of the Presidential dollars to either the reverse or the obverse. I feel it will wear off on the edge.

Milan Block Jr.
North Platte, Neb.

Three days ago, I received my order of the Presidential dollar proof sets. They?re OK, but set in the plastic holders, the edge inscriptions are not readable. In fact, I could not say with certainty that they even have inscriptions. That, coupled with the plethora of ?errors? on the made-for-circulation coins, persuade me that the bill to put the mottoes and mint marks back on the obverse/reverse is a must and I would ask the Senate to pass it ASAP.

Cornelius VerBerkmoes
Biloxi, Miss.

Yes, I support the change.

Charles McClelland
Pinehurst, Idaho

Keep the presidential coins as they were first issued. They have complied with the law and the edge lettering is new and interesting

Robert Freese
Nisswa, Minn.

I highly recommend that ?In God We Trust? be removed from the edge of Presidential dollars and placed on the obverse.

Alvin N. Watts
Newport, Tenn.

I would have had no problem with ?In God We Trust? being on the obverse or reverse of the Presidential dollars if they had been designed that way.

I do however strongly oppose caving in to the religious pomposity and demagogy that has created the present tempest in a teapot, and I object to our representatives bowing to this preening and posturing. I hope God will save us from those who feel the need to legislate religion for the American people.

Don Bailey
Etowah, N.C.

I support the change to put the inscriptions back onto the obverse or reverse. This seems as a ploy to desensitize the American citizens to the fact that we are founded on a Christian belief ? out of sight out of mind.

Brad Perry
Portland, Ore.

?In God We Trust.? This is a word of great respect and the faith of the people and hence it should be on the obverse.

Mysore, India

I am in favor of the change.

Chris Runk
Rabun Gap, Ga.

I believe that since the new edge format is getting so messed up that the edge needs to be either eliminated or made all together as they made the bust half back when struck by the third die (the collar). As an example, the paper money web press was junked because it didn?t work right, so the new rolling machine needs to be junked also. The reeding on edges is made without problems, just add lettering in between the reeding and keep the coins looking ?cleaner? on the obverse and reverse. Why do we lay people know more then those professional designers?

Neil Osina
Glendora, Calif.

Let?s get ?In God we trust? back on the coin, not the edge.

Robert Thayer
Broomfield, Colo.

Yes, I support the change. I would also support to do away with the edge lettering all together, as the Presidential dollars look more like tokens than coins and the edge lettering looks horrible, and unreadable in the first place!

James McFadden
Clearwater, Fla.

Yes! I support it!!

Juan Reyna
North Richland Hills, Texas

I support the change. I think ?In God We Trust? should have a more prominent position on the Presidential dollar than it does now. I think it is very important for our coins to remind us that our rights as Americans come from God. This of course is what Thomas Jefferson was trying to say so well in the Declaration of Independence.

David W. New, Esq.
Arlington, Va.

I support the changing of ?In God We Trust? to the front or back of the Presidential series.

Wayne Ulbricht
North Ft. Myers, Fla.

I do not support moving the motto ?In God We Trust? from the edge to either the obverse or the reverse of the Presidential dollar coins.

There are two reasons for my position. First, the motto is harder to see on the edge and is best left there. Second, I feel that mentioning or advocating for ?God? on our money is unconstitutional in that it connects our government and a deity. This is plain wrong and unfair to those who do not believe in or support a ?God.?

Michael T. Whalen
Santa Cruz, Calif.

I agree that this motto should have been put on the obverse of the Presidential dollar coins. It was a bad idea to put it on the edge of the coins.
There is enough space to include it in the obverse of the coins.

Albert Andreotti
Pennsauken, N.J.

Yes. Move ?In God We Trust? to one of the faces of the Presidential dollar coin.

Stanley Beck
Oceanside, Calif.

I think it will be a good thing to move ?In God We Trust? to a more visible spot on the coins. Then those that say that it is a ?Godless? coin will shut up. Those are probably the same people that try to get the motto removed anyhow to separate church and state. Then they can go back to trying to get it removed.

George Scarbrough
Montgomery, Ala.

I agree it should be on the flat side where it will be seen by everyone.

Grace T. Woodburn
Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Religion should remain separate from government as the founding fathers wisely bequeathed in the Constitution. This protects best the rights of both all citizens, as well as of all religions. History has shown through all ages, including the present one, that the most senseless wars are usually those fought by governments and groups in furtherance of religion. Religion should have no place in a nation?s coinage.

Alberto Pico
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I am in favor of moving ?In God We Trust? from the edge of the Presidential dollar to the obverse or reverse.

Ruffin Booth
Norcross, Ga.

This country was established under God and our coinage should carry ?In God We Trust?

James F. Devenport
Midland, Texas

I would prefer that it be kept where it is. It leaves the design cleaner, uncluttered. I would prefer that Latin mottoes and other repetitive elements be marginalized.

Henry Hurley
Westmoreland, N.H.