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How High Will Silver Go?

By Richard Giedroyc

Silver broke through the $21 an ounce barrier as this commentary was being written, so how high will silver go? Is it really the poor man’s gold? There really isn’t anything further to say that the spot price of silver can’t say for itself. Bullion and bullion-impacted coins continue their upward trend. This, in turn, is grabbing the attention of investors while the general public begins once more to check their change to see if they get lucky.

In other good news, some banks and merchants are offering a premium when buying coins from consumers due to the current shortages, this too fueling that all-important “beginner’s” or introductory area of the market. Without an entry level, there will be no future hobbyists. New as well as advanced collectors will find opportunities abound as well, especially among such areas as the early silver commemoratives, all non-precious metal late 19th and early 20th century coins (cents and nickels), and Peace silver dollars as well as many common date yet collectible coins composed of silver or gold.

Scarce to rare coins continue to be the realm primarily of hobbyists rather than investors. Prices are steady, even high, yet all-time record prices remain few and far between, suggesting that this arena remains ripe with bargains yet to be harvested. Don’t count circulation-strike gold coins out, even the common date or condition examples. The spot price of the yellow metal has surged 19 percent recently, with intrinsic value now being at its highest value since 2011.

Be you a collector or an opportunist, this remains a dynamic market.