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How complete is complete?

This week we received a call at the office from a fellow who purchased our book, Collecting World Coins - Circulating issues 1901-present.

He was anoyed that many issues were not included which are included in the more expensive Standard Catalog of World Coins. We has to explain that it only inlcuded circulating coins, and not the commemorative stuff and items with inserts and other trinkets which get included in the regular mamoth edition of the Standard Catalog.

Another item we get called on is that the 2008 or 2009 listings are not in a 2010 dated book. That deals with two issues. In the book trade annual books tend to get pre-dated on the cover so they have a longer shelf life at a bookstore. The other issue is one of production time. Finally there is one of notification of new issues.

In Numismaster, the electronic data base from which our books are published. We have 1177 listings of types starting in 2006, 1087 for 2007, 773 for 2008 and 464 for 2009.

What does this tell us. Well, one might think that there are fewer new type coins issued in recent years. What it tells me is that it takes us about three years to keep current as well as compile the past information.

How can you help? Buy email notification to me at george.cuhaj@fwmedia when you learn of a new issue (and can supply full details) which you do not see listed on Numismaster.