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Home in the Frozen Land

Finally Back in Wisconsin


Several readers have asked me to wrap up my Southwest saga, so here it is; we finally did make it back to Chicago Midwayand then on to Wisconsin.

Our flight on Southwest out of Houston Hobbywent well, no extra TSA searching when we arrived at the airport, had time to check out the new Subway flatbread sandwiches, no serious problems boarding, a comfortable flight, with good service and a happy flight crew, smooth landing at Midway, no lost luggage, my wonderful sister and brother-in-law had our car waiting for us at the airport garage and we only had a little trouble finding our way back to my Mom's house for the night. So much better than the trip down, that you might think we were on a different airline altogether!

We stayed the night with my Mom and then set out early Saturday the 3rd for Wisconsin and home. Freezing rain was predicted for Central Wisconsin that afternoon, so we did not delay ourselves with many stops and arrived home before any severe weather hit. Our neignbor, who had been clearing snow from the sidewalks in our absense had also kindly cleared the driveway so we concetrated on getting unpacked and getting washing done. Overnight the freezing rain hit and by morning everything had an eighth inch layer of ice, so I spent the next afternoon laying down salt and chipping up chunks of ice.

Since then it's been cold, but we're staying warm at home and thinking of the great week we had in Texas, with our Aggie relatives. Though we will probably never fly on Southwest again, I must say that they did waive the fee for rebooking our return flight to gain a few extra days for the ones we lost on the way down and this was honorable of them.

The weather problem I understand, it was the lack of customer servciein a Holiday crisis time and rude attitudeof Southwest counter people however, that I will never forget.