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Guys and Dolls

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week


Guys and Dolls

First off, I have got to say, I am not a big fan of musicals. Generally speaking it needs to be as comic as it will surely be romantic, if a musical is going to get to me. Given that preamble, I can clearly say that The Music Manis by far my favorite musical. I know every lyric and melody and most of the dialogue as well. Coming in second on my short list is West Side Story, primarily because of the Officer Krupkesong. Third is Brigadoon, which I feel has a mystical off-beat quality. And finally, Guys and Dolls, which is this weeks Recommended Film.

I cannot resist the language, the lack of contractions, the flambouyant characters, the gental mix of obsessions for Gambling and Romance. Damon Runyon'sstories strike a wonderful balance in elements of humanity. The stage play slipped into film with grace and elegance at the hands of behind the sceens guys like Samuel Goldwyn, Frank Loesser, Joseph L. Mankiewiczand Michael Kidd. In front of the camera you have Frank Sinatra, Stubby Kaye, Vivian Blaine, Jean Simmons, Marlon Brandoand cast of the greatest character actors ever assembled.

Who can resist a comedy of Gamblers, Soul Savers, Show Girls, Gangsters, Cops and High Rollers. It's a dream come true.