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Grab the camera

I am attending the Memphis paper money show. To come here is like visiting an old friend, many old friends in fact.

It is a tradition. Ribs on Thursday night. Steak on Friday. But that is only if you aren’t bidding in the auction, which is being called by Smythe this year. Bank Note Reporter staff tends to eat early and come back to watch the sale action.

One of my missions this trip is to take a photograph of Mart Delger and his wife. To my knowledge, I have never met his wife. She is attending the show for the first time ever.

Mart has been exhibit chairman at Memphis since the show was founded in 1977. He has done wonders in attracting quality exhibits in large numbers. It is a wonder to see what he achieves year after year.

This year there is a seven-case display of Serial Number 1 large-size notes by Jess Lipka. Amazing. I wouldn’t want to pay the insurance bill.

However, amazing notes aside, my mission is to get that photograph of Mrs. Delger. I have to say thank you for the hand-typed lists of exhibitors that she has given Mart to give me. I have to let her know how highly we think of Mart and how appreciative we are that he has been such a key volunteer all these years.

It is not an easy job. There are always last minute changes. In fact, there are enough of those to drive even Mart a little crazy. I hope he can still take it. I don’t know what the Memphis show would do without him.