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Got the radio habit yet?

Have you gotten into the habit of listening to Coin Chat Radio online at I hope so. The next new program is 11 a.m. this morning.

Don’t worry if you think you’ve missed it. It repeats at the top of every hour. The programs from prior weeks are archived so that you can hear what occurred in the past since we began in March.

As you might guess, there are interviews that I am particularly proud of and would point out to you given the opportunity and there are others that are of a more routine nature or that lapse into the past so quickly that it is no longer relevant to bring them up again.

But that is the fun of this online radio. We get living, breathing collectors and dealers and we let them have their say in their own words.

You can catch the tone of voice. You can hear the turn of phrase. You can tell if it is spontaneous.

I like spontaneous best. I enjoy walking around the bourse floor and talking to people. It is fun. It is interesting. And, yes, I know, I use and say the word “interesting” a lot.

But if it were not interesting, why would I be doing it?

Remember Coin Chat Radio.