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Gone With The Wind

Tom's Recommended Film of the Week

Gone With The Wind

Big productions in film are really a thing of the past these days, so it's a special treat to indulge in the large spectacle of Gone With The Wind.

The story still holds up very well, my teenage son watched it with me and enjoyed it immensely. I guess because the Civil War is so much a part of what we are today, it's so engrained in our nature and heritage, that the drama of Gone With The Wind still taps into deep veins of serious meaning in most Americans.

Of course, bold characters and equally vibrant acting from Clark Gable, VivienLeigh, HattieMcDaniel, Leslie Howard, OliviadeHavilland, Ona Munson, Harry Davenport and Ward Bond, just to name a few, also captivates the viewer. Margaret Mitchells'novel in the hands of David O.Selznick left us with a wonderful film, which still stands the test of time from 1939 to 2008.

Enjoy a classic, watch or rewatchGone With The Wind this weekend and let me know what you think.