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Gold Looking to Rally

Gold Nips at a Rally

There is talk today that Gold needs to get going again or risk a big spill. Gold's lack of movement as crude oil rocketed to new highs near $118 a barrel, may indicate a break in the traditional ties we have been observing over the last year or so.

With the dollar hovering around $1.60 to the Euro and oil rising, gold should have moved upwards into the $950 to $975 range, but buyers seem cautious. Investment money is fickle and some in the numismatic trade are wondering if the attraction has worn off gold.

This mornings spark
, with gold skipping upward to about $920 as of this posting, may be the beginning of the overdue rally for precious metals. For the dubious investor, silver may be the better metal to sink into at the moment. As of this posting silver has risen to about $17.70, with high hopes and less apparent downside risk.