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Mint Stats: Give back those gold Mercury dimes

With the United States Mint’s weekly sales period ending on Christmas Day, you can imagine how slow this week’s sales have been. In fact, the total for the gold Mercury dime actually went backwards by 35. The sales figure now stands at 124,915. Interestingly, the gold Walking Liberty number also declined. A drop of 59 took its sales number to 58,989. Additional purchases took the total for the gold Standing Liberty quarter up by 381 to reach 85,706.

Demand took the 2016 clad proof set total up by 5,448 to reach 570,209. This figure is 91,655 sets lower than the total for 2015 clad proof sets. Silver proof sets were up by 3,442 this week to reach 353,205. This number lags the 2015 total by 32,844. In percentage terms, the 2016 clad proof set total is 13.8 percent lower than the 2015 figure while the silver number is 8.5 percent lower.

End-of-year buying saw the uncirculated National Park Service $5 sales number increase by 346, up 8.4 percent.


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