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Get busy, get active at current prices

Both buyers and sellers appear to be pleased with the current market, unless that seller has a collection he salted away years ago and now plans to liquidate. The market is like the old gray mare; she “ain’t what she used to be many long years ago.” In this situation, however, consider this a renaissance for the persistent collector, even if it is on a smaller scale than just a few years ago. It will take an influx of new blood, both of speculators and collectors, to once more get prices moving in a positive direction.


From the view of potential investors, this is important. Collectors should see this differently. It’s a pleasure to be able to afford many of the coins that were out of reach only a few years ago.

Scarce to rare coins are as much of a mixed bag as are any more commonly encountered collectible coins. While there are some notable price increases, there are sufficient price declines to counter these increases.

The market for coins remains steady and active. It simply isn’t as populated as it had been several years ago. Dealers have no problem selling at current levels, as long as the prices they ask are reasonable in this environment and reflective of current market reality.

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