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Gary Adkins wins ANA presidency

Election winner Gary Adkins will serve the American Numismatic Association as its president 2017-2019.

Results were released by the ANA July 5 after approximately one month of voting.

When he is sworn in Aug. 4, it will be an orderly succession.

He has served the past two years as vice president.

ANA members usually promote the vice president to president.

This year’s election saw former governor Mike Ellis challenge Adkins for the top spot.

When the votes were counted, he fell short.

Adkins received 3,274 votes to 2,007 for Ellis.

In percentage terms, that is 62 perent to 38 percent of the 5,281 votes cast.

The ANA has roughly 25,000 members.

There were 19,425 eligible to vote, making the election participation rate approximately 28 percent.

While it might be disappointing to see such a low participation rate, it is also an indicator of the ANA’s leadership success in keeping minor problems from turning into major ones.

The biggest issue is financial, with Adkins well known for fiscal prudence.

Don Kagin will become vice president in August. He ran unopposed.

In the contest to fill seven board seats, eight individuals competed.

The four incumbents who ran won re-election. They also were the top four vote getters.

Col. Steve Ellsworth, Ret., claimed the highest vote total, receiving 4,335.

Dr. Ralph Ross was next at 4,073, followed by Greg Lyon at 3,953 and Paul Montgomery at 3,860.

The three newcomers to the board are Thomas J. Uram, 3,679 votes; John W. Highfill, 3,653, and Brian Hendelson, 3,474.

Not elected was Adam J. Crum with 3,378 votes.

He now holds what often is called the bridesmaid position.

If any governor becomes unable to finish his two-year term, Crum will step in to fill it.

His new status also can lead to a successful run in two years’ time.

Hendelson was in that spot after the prior election.

More electronic ballots were cast in 2017 than in 2015.

The total was 1,371, or about 25 percent of the 5,371 cast.

The rest were paper returned by mail.

In 2015, electronic votes totaled just 8 percent.

Retiring from the board in August is Walter Ostromecki, who was prevented by term limits from running again.

Incumbent governor Tom Mulvaney did not seek another term.

The swearing in of all the winners will occur at the Aug. 4 banquet during the World’s Fair of Money in Denver.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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