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Frank Church Bags, Rolls Now on Sale

On Nov. 4, the bags and rolls for the American the Beautiful quarter honoring Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness began at noon EST.


The Frank Church quarter is the fifth released in 2019 and 50th overall in the ATB quarter program.

The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness encompasses more than 2.3 million acres, is the largest single contiguous wilderness in the conterminous United States and encompasses four national forests.

The name of the wilderness has two roots. “The River of No Return” component derives from when boats could navigate down the Main Salmon River but not back upstream because of fast water and numerous rapids. “Frank Church” was attached to the site’s name in honor of late U.S. Senator Frank Church, who played a leading role in its preservation.

The wilderness is dominated by three dramatic mountain ranges – the Salmon River Mountains, Clearwater Mountains and Bighorn Crags – which surround 14 clear water lakes.

The Salmon River Canyon is one of the deepest gorges in North America, deeper even than the Grand Canyon. It is known for the variety of landscapes visible from the river: wooded ridges rising to the sky, huge eroded monuments and bluffs, picturesque castles and towers, and solitary crags. Within this canyon, salmon participate in the largest inland migration in the continental U.S.

The quarter’s reverse design depicts a piloted drift boat on the rushing river encompassed by the trees and rock formations of the wilderness. Inscriptions are “RIVER OF NO RETURN,” “WILDERNESS,” “IDAHO,” “2019” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Options available to purchase are:

• 100-coin bags of either “P,” “D” or “S” mintmark coins for $34.95 per bag

• Two-roll set containing one roll of “P” mintmark coins and one with “D” mintmarks for $32.95 per set

• 40-coin roll of “S” mintmark coins for $18.95 each

• Three-roll set containing one roll for each mintmark, “P,” “D” and “S” for $46.95 per set

For more information, or to order, visit the Mint online at or call its Customer Service team at (800) USA-MINT.