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First Spouse not first in buyers’ hearts

2016 First Spouse Gold Coin Nancy Reagan Proof Obverse

2016 First Spouse gold coin featuring Nancy Reagan (Image courtesy

Ugly is the way one collector recently viewed the First Spouse gold $10 market. These are the companion pieces issued along with Presidential dollars 2007-2016. Each contains a half ounce of gold.

Unfortunately, this same assessment is true for the gold and silver coin markets overall if you are an investor rather than a collector. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all still declining.

The same individual commented, “My collector friends are happily spending all of the money in their monthly budgets while investors are crying.” Obviously, his friends are the smart ones in this market.

With no plateau or rebound in sight for bullion, the buyers’ market for coins continues to roar. This market segment is getting much more active – for coins priced properly for the current market.

If you are looking strictly for appreciation, a bright spot is in certified, very high-grade Buffalo nickels. The usually highly collected Morgan silver dollar market continues to move horizontally, while Peace silver dollars continue to make some modest declines.

The top winner at this moment is the diligent collector and the dealer who has been turning over his inventory so he can keep pace with current prices rather than bemoan “the good old days” due to stagnant and now overpriced merchandise.

The investor may not like this market. There is no hot trend to chase. But everyone needs to be aware once the investor does return that this will result in increased demand and subsequent higher prices in many areas. One or two of them will become the new hot trend for investors to grab before they get their fingers burned again.

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