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Error coins can bring big money

OK, admit it. That pocketful of change you have at the end of the day doesn’t go into the change jar until you’ve looked over each coin.


And that’s a good thing, because there are lots of valuable coins floating out in circulation.

In addition to rarities, coins with errors on them keep popping up. The U.S. Mint has improved its quality control, but that doesn’t mean doubled die coins don’t slip through. And they are worth money to collectors.

The fourth edition of Strike it Rich with Pocket Change has just been released by Krause Publications. Ken Potter and Dr. Brian Allen give a thorough account of error coins that have been spotted in circulation. Each listing is accompanied by a clear photo and a price value.

We’ve heard from lots of collectors through the years about how has made them money because it has taught them what to look for.

If you’ve got the spirit of a treasure hunter start checking your change. You may just strike it rich.

Check it out at here