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Dorskey Symposium on Marcel Jovine

Well, The Dorskey Seminar honoring Marcel Jovine seemed to be a hit.

I had nothing to compare it too, as it was my first time attending one of these, but the room at the Time Life Building's Conference center was well proportroned with family friends, National Sculpture Society members, New York Numismatic Club members and some others braving a first-day-of-spring snow to attend.

The program was put together by Donald M. Reynolds, director of the Monuments Conservancy.


The three morning speakers - Donald Scarinci, D. Wayne Johnson, and myself presenting a paper by Dr. Alan M. Stahl, and adding my own observations was tight and well directed towards the coin and medallic work of the sculptor.

After a nice lunch break in the Time and Life cafeteria, the afternoon started off well with Gwen Pier, director of the National Sculpture Society sharing photos of Marcel's activities in bring the NSS into a position of rebirth.

Joseph Sciame spoke of the activities of the membership of the Order of Sts. Maurice and Lazarius, to which Marcel was elected.

Then it seems the moderator lost a bit of control and an Italian wake broke out, with hearfelt comments from friends Hugo Greco, Karen Worth, Carter Jones, Amanullah Haiderzad, Peter Cozzolino, Fred Stampa, and the mayor of Closter, NJ. One of the speakers even went back to the podium twice to tell stories, which were mostly about his relatives, and one of those was even repeated.

Mr. Reynolds, thanks for the invitation to participate.

Alan, you own me bigtime.