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Who doesn't like to speculate?

When I was still a kid I came across “The Forecaster” Moneyletter.

That was in 1969.

It was expensive. It was $50 at the time.

I was so enthusiastic about it that I convinced my father to pay the subscription fee.

What I received was a lively mixture of economics, numismatics and real estate information.

Perhaps that's why I got my degree in economics.

I am reminded of this as a copy of the Sept. 14, 2016, issue was mailed to me as a promotional item with a special offer to potential readers.

The letter looks very much like it did when I was a kid.

The photograph of consulting economist John Kamin is the same one that first appeared on it in 1970.

John likes to fly under the public radar.

When I see him at shows, which he attends regularly, he looks nothing like he did in 1970.

But who does?

This particular issue briefly summarized the Gold Rushes of the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

That is a lot to pack in eight-pages.

You know what? I found it as interesting to read now as I did then.

Kamin doesn’t just recall history. He makes financial forecasts. He picks coins that he thinks will perform well as investments in the future.

A copy of this issue is offered for $15. It is is free to those who will send $59 for a 10-issue trial subscription. The publication has 40 issues in a year.

Telephone (818) 345-4421 Tuesday through Friday and mention offer NR29 and where you heard about it.

If you wonder why you can’t call on Monday, Kamin is proud of the fact that he and his staff have worked a four-day week since 1966.

I can’t go back to 1969 to take advantage of the opportunities that were revealed by Kamin, but anyone can look at his current thoughts.

Perhaps they will help make you as enthusiastic about seeing the future as I was when I first read "The Forecaster."

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